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For hundreds of years the tarot has been one of the most important western mystical pathways for fortune telling and self-development.

Tarot Potentials

Tarot helps you that you are able to take control of your help and life. The tarot is a life mirror, providing an image of yourself at the time you look at it. It develops your ability to focus and develop your own intuition.

1. The RIDER WAITE tarot

The RIDER WAITE tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards, who personify a particular quality or archetype and represents events, people, behavior, ideas and activities that go on in our lives. It can also help to develop our own self-awareness so that we can make conscious choices, understand the reasons behind a situation or give guidance as to the next stage of our personal life journey. In fact, the tarot is all about you.

2. Osho Zen Tarot (Advanced course)

Unlike traditional tarot , Osho zen tarot based on the transcendental game of Zen , consists 79 cards. Course contents for both the decks i.e Rider Waite & Osho zen tarot :
Introduction of cards, Illustrations of the Major & Minor Arcanas , Cards connection with basic Numerology/Astrology, Tarot rituals , Different spreads/layouts, Basic remedies for Planets , and how to read cards.
Course duration – 6 Sessions

3. Angel healing therapy

This comprehensive course will give you daily guidance on how to sense the presence of angels , to communicate with them and with their energies on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels and also take guidance from angel tarot cards on different life issues.
Course duration – 1 day