Cosmic Research Training and Healing Center



The powerful divination of tarot helps to gain new and positive insights on life issues, tap the unconscious and discover hidden aspects of your uniqueness, awareness, know past , present and future of every situation through interpretations of tarot . To make one more positive , we attune the students with Tarot energy. Also cards are charged with the Violet Flame highest energy.

1. Rider Waite (Basic course )

The Rider waite tarot is a classic/traditional deck. It consists 78 cards which depicts life issues and advise us how to deal with them with awareness and positive insights.
Course duration – 6 Sessions

2. Osho Zen Tarot (Advanced course)

Unlike traditional tarot , Osho zen tarot based on the transcendental game of Zen , consists 79 cards. Course contents for both the decks i.e Rider Waite & Osho zen tarot :
Introduction of cards, Illustrations of the Major & Minor Arcanas , Cards connection with basic Numerology/Astrology, Tarot rituals , Different spreads/layouts, Basic remedies for Planets , and how to read cards.
Course duration – 6 Sessions

3. Angel healing therapy

This comprehensive course will give you daily guidance on how to sense the presence of angels , to communicate with them and with their energies on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels and also take guidance from angel tarot cards on different life issues.
Course duration – 1 day