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Cosmic research training and healing center offers a wide range of activities that promote awareness in healing modalities , alternative and complimentary therapies.


The powerful divination of tarot helps to gain new and positive insights on life issues, tap the unconscious and discover hidden aspects of your uniqueness, awareness, know past , present and future of every....

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Heal self and others, solve all problems of your life – be the monetary problem, relationship problem, health problem, ill planetary and black magic effect problem etc. Also achieve telepathy and clairvoyance through Reiki....

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Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Reiki or Usui Reiki. This class is for anyone who has done Reiki III A i.e ADVANCED REIKI TRAINING .Trained by registered reiki master , Acharya arunanand who is trained....

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Violet Flame

This healing technique is practiced in western countries in the last 70 years. It is the primordial energy which descended for the creation of the universe....

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Trained by the disciple and originator of Mr Saini . A highly effective Buddhist healing technique of Tibetan Lamas , practiced over the centuries in Buddhist Monasteries....

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Angel Healing Therapy

Do you believe in angels ? If yes, then this powerful divine therapy help us to resolve all problems /issues related to the Mundane (Physical) world by communicating with ..

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